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Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 04:48

Gym in The Park Testimonials



"A friend of mine told me about how good Boot Camp are so I did a online search and found G.I.T.P. this was 19 months ago. My fitness levels were so low I had trouble running to the end cone but I persevered and made quick improvements. At first I couldn’t do a single press up, In tonight’s camp I performed 30!!! To date I have lost  22lbs and my body has changed and so will yours!! My friends call me Maggie the fit and the slim and I love it!.  Joining G.I.T.P. was one of the best decisions I have made in my life!"

Thanks Andrew





I lost 17.4lbs and 7.2% body fat in just 4 weeks!! And it was easy, I feel motivated and fit every day. The programme at G.I.T.P. taught me how to maintain my progress. I would truly recommend this to anyone wanting to change their lifestyle for the better.




"I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew and Gym In The Park to anyone I know. In my opinion there are fitness instructors and there is Andrew.
He is in my opinion (and I am the most demanding person I know!) a consummate and trained professional. In short, he is a master of his craft.
Not only does he understand a clients goals and ambitions, he understands the quickest way to get there and fix any issues through a series of targeted exercises. He is a great motivator and more importantly he understands body physiology.
Andrew has been a key component in my marathon training programme and has helped me be in the best shape of my life."

Jane Hansom

Jane Hansom exercises at Gym in the Park



"Thanks to Gym In The Park I have never felt more body confident!
My goal was to get bridal fit. Not only is it fun and sociable but it has exceeded all my expectations.
Thanks to my trainers for making 2011 a special one for me!".


Lorna became Bridal Ready at Gym in the Park



"In my 50+ years I have never done any sports activity other than cycling to and from work.
2,5 Years ago I started attending the fitcamps of Gym In The Park and I found it very satisfying and even addictive.
Since my start I lost nearly 1 stone in weight and built up a lot of muscles. And last but not least I feel really fit.
In short, Gym in the Park has been the best sportive experience I have ever had. I'm happy they came into my life!".


Ben is running thanks to Gym in the Park