Personal Training


Personal training provides support & motivation to achieve fast and effective results, in the least amount of time.

Why choose personal training:

-Time saved travelling equates to more time training!

-Workout where you prefer - home, park or gym.

-Privacy and confidentiality!

-Times to suit you - fit it into your lifestyle.

-No waiting for equipment.

With years of experience with tried and tested techniques, Gym In The Park has devised a series of exercises to achieve personal goals, whether you are a complete beginner or trained athlete.

Making training affordable without surrendering quality enables you to make a commitment to get fit. All our trainers will make sure your training sessions are effective and challenging, placing an emphasis on fun.


We bring all our equipment in our fully customised cars.
Our equipment range from portable PowerPlates, bosus, swiss balls, medicine balls, dumbbells, TRX's and more.

Session Prices

Single Sessions

1 x 60 minute session

1 x 45 minute session

Block Sessions

5 x 60 minute sessions

5 x 45 minute sessions