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Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 04:48

What is Boot Camp?

Boot camp is outdoor training for men and women.The focus is on losing weight along with increasing power, speed, endurance and suppleness.

Outdoor training at your own level

You will exercise in your local park. The workout program is suitable for all fitness levels. Beginners, intermediate and advanced exercise together at their own pace and level. 

Combination of cardio and power training

At Gym In The Park we combine cardio training and power elements while alternating them continuously in a high speed. This is the most effective training technique to lose weight, improving your stress control and your endurance.
You will feel better and increase your confidence.








Personal attention and group motivation

Because your training in a relatively small group, you have the advantage of a personal trainer with motivation and stimulation of a group.
There is always room for personal attention and instruction. The trainers use only positive stimulation.

Quit the indoor gym routine

With boot camp you will break the indoor gym routine. You are exercising outdoors with many different fitness exercises including cardio training, circuit training, balance,stability exercises, power training, speed training with intervals, group exercises etc. all using user friendly equipment. Every session is different because of the diversity of the options and possibilities.

No long endurance running but interval training.

Interval training is the effective and efficient way to burn fat, increase your endurance and strengthen your muscles.
Exercising 15 minutes of interval training has proofed to be more effective than 4 times a week 45 minutes of endurance training like cycling, running or using a cardio equipment like a cross trainer.
So with us no long endurance running.

Professional trainers with passion.

The Gym in the Park trainers are enthusiastic sportsmen and women. They are all highly qualified trainers and share their passion for boot camp training and work with the same program, attitude and methods. The method is based on the different educations and trainings and their broad experience in fitness, personal training and boot camp.
Because of their training and experience the trainers are also able to give motivational and nutrition tips.